The club has monthly campouts from April through October (some years we start with a shake-down campout in March for us members that have cabin fever from the winter).

Each campout or outing is hosted by members who volunteer to act as wagon masters for that outing. The member host selects the destination, tracks reservations, organizes activities, and serves as the hub of the outing. Outing hosts can be individuals, couples, or a small team of members; it's your choice.

The club Wagon Master will sign up volunteer outing wagon masters (hosts) for the year and is always there with suggestions, help and encouragement, especially for first time volunteers.

2017 Campouts (In Planning)

April 20-22    Doug, Pat, & Bob will host our April outing at Fidalgo Bay Resort , 4701 Fidalgo Bay Road, Anacortes.

May      Still Open.

June 1-3    Chuck & Joyce will host our June outing at Silverline Resort on Pearrygin Lake, 677 Bear Creek Road, Winthrop.

July      wagon master Karen; Sultan/Gold Bar area. More info comming soon.

August      wagon master Gary; possibly Port Townsend. More info comming soon.

September 20-24     Larry & Sandy will team with Gary & Sandy to host our September at THE GREAT PROSSER BALLOON RALLY. Plans are tentative until we can confirm a park.

October     Jimmie & Shirley will team with Pete & Phyllis to host our October outing.