Welcome to the Everettes RV Club web site

Whether you are a novice or an experienced RVer, Everettes RV Club has a place for you. Travel trailers, motor homes, vans, fifth wheels, pickup-campers, or tent-trailers, ALL ARE WELCOME!

In 1962 the club began in Everett Washington as the Everettes Trailer Club when most all RVs were trailers. Recently the word Trailer in the name was changed to RV to reflect the diversity in today's RVs.

The club has 7 or 8 organized campouts a year, monthly meetings, lunch gatherings in the months we do not have a campout, a picnic in place of the August meeting, and a Christmas party in place of the December meeting. We also have a monthly newsletter that goes out to all current members. We have some members that come to every event, some that come to only a few, and some that are snowbirds and are gone in the winter. We want our members to be comfortable using the club in a way that best fits their lifestyle.

Most of our campouts are 3 or 4 days and within about 150 miles of Everett although these numbers are not etched in stone.

Not a member - Please take a few moments to find out more about our club by checking out the other pages from the menu above. Come to a meeting; guests are always welcome. If you are in the area of one of our campouts, stop and say hello. Who knows, you may decide to become one of us.